Online Degree Courses for Armed Forces Needs and Benefits

Online Degree Courses for Armed Forces Needs and Benefits

Online Degree Courses for Armed Forces Needs and Benefits,Jan 30, 2024


Jan 30, 2024


The armed forces are the most respected and prestigious organizations ever. We all are no stranger to the level of dedication and commitment, armed forces personnel have for their duty. The armed personnel gave a significant portion of their life in the service of their motherland with full enthusiasm, courage, discipline, and commitment. Usually, we have seen veterans working in different sectors post-retirement. Today in this article, we will discuss what are the online degree courses that a soldier (serving or retired) can pursue to get a high-salary job after retirement.

The requirement of Online Courses for Armed forces

The Armed forces in India have different selection processes for jawans (non-officers) and officer-ranked soldiers. The eligibility for officer-ranked soldiers is one should have graduated in any field from any recognized university with a minimum percentage of aggregate marks. Whereas, the non-officer soldiers are selected based on basic education qualifications such as 10th or 12th standards and their physique.
Soldiers are commissioned into the armed forces in two different types. One is the permanent commission which means soldiers are going to serve his/her motherland till their service lasts. Another one is the Short Service Commission which means, they will serve their motherland for a limited time of 10-14 years. Soldiers must save their motherland from any enemy whether it is an outside enemy or an enemy from home, which does not allow them to have some time for themselves and continue their higher education. Several pioneer universities have taken the initiative to provide quality education of global standard to soldiers. When graduated soldiers can easily get jobs post-retirement in any respective sector but it remains quite difficult for non-graduated soldiers. Online degree courses provide an opportunity for such armed personnel to graduate and make their life easier afterward. 

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How the Armed Forces Benefitted from Online Courses

Online courses have benefitted in numerous ways to students, housewives, and working professionals but for defence veterans, online courses turn into a game changer pre or post-retirement.

  • To climb up the Hierarchy of the Professional Ladder:- Due to the intense working conditions, defence personnel is unable to pursue their higher studies which also becomes an obstruction to their promotions. But, online courses made the accessibility to educational services possible, They can complete their further studies during their service year. This will make them eligible for promotions in their respective fields after apposite years of experience. 
    Online courses not only provide an educational degree to defense personnel. But also, helps them in productively utilizing their free time.
  • For Earnings after Retirement:- The service of short-service commissioned officers is for a limited period of 10-14 years then, they retire from the armed forces. But, the financial needs and responsibilities of their families are not early retired. To fulfill their families' needs and requirements, they need a good and regular income source. Having a good source of income without skills is very difficult in this digitized era. However, they can earn a decent salary package in the respective fields of their choice by learning skills from online courses.
  • Better use of time:- Not always military personnel on war and not always there are postings to threat-prone areas. During peacetime, soldiers are posted in un-disturbed areas where they can have some free time and that can be utilized in learning new courses as per their desires and needs. In modern days, since everyone has internet-enabled mobile phones, they can easily enroll in their desired courses online develop skillsets in their respective fields, and attain graduate/postgraduate or certification degrees flexibly as per their schedule and convenience.
  • An Investment for Post-Retirement Life:- Armed forces in India commissioned military personnel on short-term and permanent commission basis. Military personnel comparatively get retirement at a young age. Some of them remain with unfulfilled responsibilities in the lives of others such as the education of their children, treatment of their aging parents, and other commitments.
    Generally, Military veteran hesitates to live an idle life. But, they face a challenge in finding a suitable job. Therefore, attaining a degree through an online degree program while in service would be a great investment in securing their lives post-retirement in the future.
  • Earn with in-demand skills:- In the modern era, seveal online universities/educational institutes hold accreditations from several statutory bodies such as AICTE, UGC, and DEB have started offering degrees in different undergraduate and postgraduate programs focusing on job-specific curricula. Moreover, industry professionals present webinars and seminars aimed at bridging the skill gap in the sector, and industry input is integrated into the course content development for online degrees.

Enrolling in online classes increases the likelihood that military professionals will find employment after retirement by giving them access to these in-demand skills.

In-Demand Online Courses for Armed Force Personnel

Several online trailblazing universities nationwide are offering pioneer online courses for the armed forces. We have listed some of the online undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

Online UG Courses

Online BAOnline BCA
Online B.ComOnline B.Sc
Online BBAOnline BBA Dual

Online PG Courses

Online MAOnline MCA
Online M.ComOnline M.Sc
Online MBAOnline MBA Dual
  • Online BA:- Bachelor of Arts which is commonly known as BA through an online mode of learning is an undergraduate program that lasts for 3 years. The online BA program can be pursued after completion of the intermediate course from any recognized board of education. Armed personnel can pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in their desired specialization as per their interests such as Political Science, Psychology, Geography, History, Economics, and others. Online BA courses in different specializations hold approvals and recognitions from several apex bodies such as AICTE, UGC, DEB, and the government of India making the online BA course credible and valid worldwide. 

Online BA Programs in Demand

Online BA in Journalism and Mass CommunicationOnline BA in Political Science
Online BA in HindiOnline BA in Economics
Online BA in Tourism AdministrationOnline BA in English
Online BA In PunjabiOnline BA in Sociology
  • Online BCA:- Start a dynamic career path with an Online BCA program crafted for armed forces personnel. The online BCA program lasts for 3-years and offers comprehensive computer science education to armed forces personnel through a flexible online mode of learning with which they can fulfill their educational dreams without disrupting their duties. Recognized by AICTE, UGC, and DEB, the online BCA program ensures high-quality education accessible to those in the armed forces. 

Online BCA Programs in Demand

Online BCA in Data Science and Big Data AnalyticsOnline BCA in Data Analytics 
Online BCA in Cloud and SecurityOnline BCA in AI and Machine Learning
Online BCA in Cyber SecurityOnline BCA in New Age Technology
Online BCA in Computer Science and ITOnline BCA in Database Management
Online BCA in GeneralOnline BCA in Multimedia and Animation
  • Online B.Com:- Get into a dynamic academic journey with the Online B.Com program tailored for armed forces personnel. This 3-year long course, accredited by AICTE, UGC, and DEB, offers the flexibility of online learning, allowing armed forces personnel to pursue their degrees while serving their country. Deep dive into a comprehensive curriculum of an Online B.Com program that combines practical insights with theoretical knowledge, providing a strong foundation for a successful career in commerce. 

Online B.Com Programs in Demand

Online B.Com in Banking and FinanceOnline B.Com in Banking and Insurance
Online B.Com in Accounting and FinanceOnline B.Com in E-Commerce
Online B.Com in Auditing and TaxationOnline B.Com in International Finance
Online B.Com in Marketing ManagementOnline B.Com in Stock Market Operations
Online B.Com in International BusinessOnline B.Com in Law
Online B.Com in Business AnalyticsOnline B.Com in Behavioural Finance
  • Online B.Sc:- An Online B.Sc program designed exclusively for armed force personnel seeking academic excellence. An Online B.Sc program is a 3-year long course, recognized by AICTE, UGC, and DEB, and facilitates flexible learning to military professionals through its online mode. Esteemed universities pan India tailored to accommodate the unique schedules of armed forces, the online B.Sc program integrates theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Armed forces professionals who are seeking to continue their educational journey, where they can pursue their scientific aspirations seamlessly without disrupting their duties.

Online B.Sc Programs in Demand

Online B.Sc in HonoursOnline B.Sc in Computer Science
Online B.Sc in Information TechnologyOnline B.Sc in Data Science and AI
  • Online BBA:- Start on a transformative academic journey with an Online BBA program tailored by pioneer universities nationwide for armed forces personnel. The Online BBA is a 3-year long course, accredited by AICTE, UGC, and DEB, and offers a flexible online mode of learning, allowing armed forces professionals to seamlessly integrate education with their commitments. Online BBA immerses armed forces personnel in a comprehensive curriculum that combines industry smartness with real-world applications. 

Online BBA Programs in Demand

BBA Online in GeneralBBA Online in Finance
BBA Online in HRMBBA Online in Digital Marketing
BBA Online in Multimedia ManagementBBA Online in International Business Management
BBA Online in Banking and FinanceBBA Online in Engineering and Project Management
BBA Online in Advertising and MarketingBBA Online in General
BBA Online in Retail SalesBBA Online in Logistics
BBA Online in Financial MarketsBBA Online in Data Science and Analytics
BBA Online in Strategy and LeadershipBBA Online in Travel and Tourism Management
BBA Online in Advertising and BrandingBBA Online in International Marketing
BBA Online in IT and System ManagementBBA Online in Marketing
BBA Online in Finance and LeadershipBBA Online in Family Business Management
BBA Online in International FinanceOnline BCA in Aviation
  • Online BBA Dual:- start a journey towards leadership and business understanding with the Online Dual BBA program, specially crafted for armed forces personnel. The Online BBA Dual will enable armed forces personnel to develop skills in two different specializations simultaneously within a 3-year course, accredited by AICTE, UGC, and DEB, blends flexibility and excellence in an online learning format. Tailored for the unique schedules of the armed forces, the online BBA Dual program equips armed personnel with a comprehensive understanding of business administration. 

Master Degree courses

  • Online MA:- Start on a transformative academic journey with the Online MA program catering to the unique needs of armed forces personnel. This 2-year course, accredited by AICTE, UGC, and DEB, offers a flexible online mode of learning. Online MA immerses armed forces personnel in a comprehensive curriculum of different specializations, tailored to accommodate their commitments while advancing their expertise in the arts. 

Online MA Programs in Demand

Online MA in HindiOnline MA in Economics
Online MA in PsychologyOnline MA in Mathematics
Online MA in Political ScienceOnline MA in Public Policy and Administration
Online MA in HistoryOnline MA in Education
Online MA in SociologyOnline MA in English
Online MA in Journalism and Mass CommunicationOnline MA in Punjabi
  • Online MCA:- Start a transformative journey with the Online MCA program exclusively crafted for armed forces personnel. This 2-year course, accredited by AICTE, UGC, and DEB, offers a flexible online learning mode, enabling armed forces professionals to advance their skills in computing and IT. Armed forces personnel with online learning can pursue their Master's in Computer Applications at their own pace, enhancing their career prospects.

Online MCA specializations in Demand

Online MCA in CS and ITOnline MCA in Data Science
Online MCA in Data AnalyticsOnline MCA in Cyber Security
Online MCA in AI Online MCA in Game Development
Online MCA in MLOnline MCA in ML and AI
Online MCA in BlockchainOnline MCA in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
  • Online M.Com:- An Online M.Com program is designed specifically for armed forces professionals. The Online M.Com is a two-year long program that offers a flexible online learning environment with which soldiers can pursue their educational journey without disrupting their services and is accredited by AICTE, UGC, and DEB. Interested candidates can enroll into the online M.Com course to help them achieve academic success while managing their services to protect the motherland. 

Online M.Com specializations in Demand

Online M.Com in Financial ManagementOnline M.Com in General
Online M.Com in Finance and AccountingOnline M.Com in FinTech
  • Online M.Sc:- several pioneer online universities that are spearheading online education that are AICTE, UGC, and DEB-approved offering online M.Sc program especially for armed forces professionals who are interested and are science enthusiast. The duration of an online M.Sc program is 3 years. The online mode of learning enable armed forces personnels to learn and develop skillset required to excel their respective fields. Interested applicants can apply for high paying jobs in their respective fields with an Online M.Sc degree. 

Online M.Sc specializations in Demand

MSc Online in MathematicsMSc Online in Information Technology
MSc Online in Applied FinanceMSc Online General
MSc Online in Computer ScienceMSc Online in Data Science
MSc Online in Business Analytics 
  • Online MBA:- Online MBA is a postgraduate degree program that enable candidates to learn and develop skills about the business and administration field. Online Universities nationwide that holds approval and recognitions from the Government of India and AICTE, DEB, and UGC have crafted an integrated online MBA program especially for armed force personnel who are unable to continue their studies due to their hectic schedules. The online universities offers online MBA program in several specializations making amrned personnel enable to gain skills and excel their desired field after retirement. 

Online MBA specializations in demand

MBA in Marketing ManagementMBA in Operations Management
MBA in HR ManagementMBA in IT Management
MBA in Business AnalyticsMBA in International Business Management
MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementMBA in Data Science
MBA in Finance and Marketing (Dual)MBA in Data Science and Analytics (Dual)
MBA in Healthcare ManagementMBA in Marketing & HR Management
MBA in Project ManagementMBA in Retail Management
MBA in Banking & Finance ManagementMBA in Digital Marketing
MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership (Dual)MBA in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce
MBA in Financial Markets ManagementMBA in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)
MBA in Fintech ManagementMBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management
  • Online Dual MBA:- Online Dual MBA is a postgraduate degree program that enable military personnel to learn and develop skills in dual speacialzation simultaneously in business and administration field. Several reputed online Universities nationwide that holds approval and recognitions from the Government of India and AICTE, DEB, and UGC have crafted an integrated online Dual MBA program especially for armed force personnel who are unable to continue their studies due to their hectic schedules. The online universities offers online dual MBA program in several dual specializations making amrned personnel enable to gain skills and excel their desired fields after retirement.

Online Dual MBA Specializations in Demand

Data Science and AnalyticsEntrepreneurship and Leadership
Logistics And Supply ChainMarketing And HR Management
Marketing And FinanceHRM and Finance
Digital Marketing E-CommerceOil and Gas Management 
Hospital Administration & HealthcareBusiness Intelligence And Analytics
System And Operations ManagementBusiness Intelligence & AI
AI and Machine LearningIT and FinTech
Marketing and SalesProduction and Operation
Finance and Accounting Finance And Leadership Management


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