Online BBA in General Management

Online BBA in General Management

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Online BBA in General Management is an undergraduate-level course allows working professionals


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Course Duration - 3 years

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Online BBA in General Management

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Online BBA in General Management : Overview

An online BBA in General Management is an undergraduate-level course that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of core management concepts. This 3-year program equips learners with knowledge across significant management sub-fields, including human resources, marketing, finance, operations, and more.
This online course allows working professionals and remote learners to upskill without disrupting their commitments. The curriculum nurtures analytical thinking, communication, and problem-solving - skills employers value. Upon completion, graduates are prepared for management roles in diverse sectors based on their interests, like marketing, HR, finance, etc. The broad exposure makes this a solid foundation before specialization.

Key Highlights of Online BBA In General Management

  • The online BBA in General Management is approved by regulatory bodies like UGC, making it equivalent to an offline degree. This increases the credibility and prospects for further education or employment.
  • It is an undergraduate-level course with a standard duration of 3 years (6 semesters). An additional three years may be availed to complete the program if needed.
  • 12th passouts from any stream can apply as long as they meet the minimum aggregate marks criteria set by the university. This makes it accessible to learners from diverse backgrounds.
  • There are no entrance exams for admission. Meeting the eligibility criteria suffices for getting enrolled in this program. This process is more straightforward than seeking admission for on-campus degrees.
  • The course covers core topics like HR, marketing, finance, operations, project management, statistics, business law and more. This comprehensive curriculum prepares students for diverse management roles.
  • Eligibility Criteria For Online BBA In General Management
    The eligibility criteria for an online BBA in General Management is passing 12th/equivalent from a recognized board with minimum aggregate marks, usually 45-55%. There are no restrictions regarding the stream chosen on the 12th. Applicants from science, commerce, humanities, or vocational courses can apply. Working professionals are also eligible to join. Meeting these criteria suffices for admission into the program without needing to take any entrance tests. Though criteria vary between universities, a 12th pass is universally required.
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Specialization in Online BBA

Finance And LeadershipHRM
FinanceDigital Marketing
Banking And FinanceBusiness Analytics
International Business ManagementAdvertisement And Marketing
Engineering and Project ManagementLogistics
IT and Systems ManagementInternational Finance
Family Business ManagementRetail and Sales Management
Financial MarketAviation
Data Science And AnalyticsStrategy and Leadership
Travel and Tourism ManagementMultimedia Management
Advertising and BrandingInternational Marketing
  • Career Opportunities After Completion Of Online BBA In General Management
  • Recruiter: Recruiters are responsible for talent acquisition in organizations. The management knowledge gained from this degree equips graduates to source candidates effectively, screen resumes, conduct interviews, run recruitment drives, and select suitable applicants. They can handle end-to-end management principles and human resources. With some experience, they can handle end-to-end hiring for varied recruiters and can take recruiting for specialized domains as well.
  • HR Coordinator: As HR coordinators, graduates apply their learning in human resource management to look after HR operations in companies. They handle everyday HR activities like maintaining employee records, onboarding, payroll processing, statutory compliance, resolving grievances, organizing training programs, and overall employee life cycle management. Their management education helps coordinators effectively manage HR processes.
  • Marketing Executive: The marketing, advertising, and consumer behavior knowledge gained from the program can be applied directly in marketing executive roles across diverse industries. Graduates can coordinate marketing campaigns, perform market research, track competitor activities, devise promotional strategies, manage leads and sales, etc. This role benefits significantly from the well-rounded management perspective.
  • Business Development Manager: Management graduates can utilize their learning to identify and build business opportunities as business development managers. Their understanding of markets, consumer behavior, communications, and sales enables them to represent companies, establish strategic partnerships, identify client needs, and promote business growth through new relationships.
  • Operations Manager: The supply chain management, logistics, and operations learning prepares students for operations roles in manufacturing, e-commerce, and other industries. Operations managers can manage procurement, inventory, transportation, warehouse operations, and end-to-end supply chain to optimize efficiency. The holistic management knowledge helps oversee operations strategically.

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