Why should pursue Dual degree programs?

Why should pursue Dual degree programs?

Why should pursue Dual degree programs?,Mar 19, 2024


Mar 19, 2024


Dual degree programs have emerged as beacons of several career opportunities in the ever-evolving field of education in the contemporary world. Individuals including fresh graduates and working professionals who are pursuing a dual degree program simultaneously will have the opportunity to explore a plethora of advantages as it offers several trailblazing career prospects in both the domains. The dual degree programs hold accreditations and recognitions from several esteemed accreditation bodies such as the University Grants Commission (UGC), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), and Distance Education Bureau (DEB) making the dual degree programs authentic and validated around the globe. As per the guidelines of UGC, one can attain a dual degree at a time only if they pursue one of the educational degrees through a regular mode of learning and another with an online or distance mode of learning. With the flexible mode of learning that caters to the diverse needs of today's learners, it allows candidates including fresh graduates, traditional students, or working professionals to manage their schedules without disrupting their other commitments of personal and professional life. Whether it's through online or distance modes of learning, dual degree specializations provide a detailed educational experience that can significantly enhance their professional trajectory.

What are Dual Degree Programs?

As per the name, a dual degree program is a combination of two different degrees at once such as B.Tech+M.Tech, MBA Dual Specializations, etc. Dual degree programs are those that are structured in such a manner that a student can simultaneously pursue two degrees at once in parallel domains or specializations. The duration of such dual degree programs is usually shorter than the duration of both degree programs separately. The dual degree programs are designed to diversify an individual’s knowledge base by enhancing their skill set expanding their critical thinking, and opening up new career opportunities for candidates.

There are several universities nationwide trailblazing the educational landscape by offering dual degree programs. However, the dual degree programs are recognized by the apex accreditation bodies such as AICTE, UGC, and DEB which makes the dual degree program credible and validates their authenticity around the globe in different industries. The accreditation from such apex bodies ensures that the dual degree programs offered in different specializations are relevant, recognized, and rigorous providing peace of mind for individuals who are investing their time and money in the hope of securing their future in their chosen fields.

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Benefits of Dual Degree Programs

Acquisition of knowledge will never end, irrespective of the educational background or work experience of individuals; everything teaches them some new skills that will help them advance their careers in life. Pursuing a dual degree can have several benefits. However, individuals can only enjoy the benefits of graduating with dual degree programs if they pursue their dual degree program from any government-recognized bodies such as AICTE, UGC, and DEB which makes the dual degree programs authentic by proving their credibility around the world. Though, we have mentioned some of the key benefits, which are as follows:

  • Enhancing Career Opportunities: Individuals who have attained a dual degree program in any domain of their choice make them explore a broader range of career options in the industry. The acquisition of a dual degree and the addition of such details in one’s resume will make them recognized in different sectors. The modern landscape of jobs has changed and not only the private but also the public sector (government) also searching for multitasking people that ultimately help in nation-building.
  • Expansion of Network Building: Candidates while pursuing dual degree programs from two different universities or educational institutions will be connected or will learn from two different groups of educators or faculty members, alumni, and peer students. This will make candidates develop or expand their professional network in both industries which will ultimately help them explore the job market of their chosen domains. 
    Candidates who are pursuing their online degree and a regular degree from the same university can also expand their network in the modern landscape of employment as they will get connected with different departments of the university which includes faculty members, alumni, and fellow students.
  • Recognitions: Top domestic and international recruiters from different industries adore individuals with dual degrees. Individuals who have attained dual degree programs will be prioritized over those who have attained two degrees separately.
  • Saves Time: Candidates who are engaging in dual degree programs will be able to save time as the dual degree program will take less time as compared to the time taken in attaining both degrees separately. For example, candidates who pursue MTech after completing BTech have to invest a total of six years (4+2), while on the other hand, candidates who pursue a BTech+MTech program will attain their degrees in 5 years and save their 1 year. This makes candidates get jobs 1 year before others.
  • An opportunity to follow passion: Online degree courses are the best option for students or working professionals who are unable to enroll in their regular degree program of choice to make their dreams come true due to their personal and professional commitments. Online & regular dual degree program allows candidates to pursue their passion through a regular or traditional program of results. Also, the career options offered for both dual degree courses are very wide & encourage individuals to choose one based on their interests and passions.

Types of Dual Degree Programs

Candidates who are willing to have two degrees simultaneously have to attain one of the degrees in online or distance mode and the other in regular mode of learning. However, candidates have a choice of whether they can opt for two undergraduate courses simultaneously or two postgraduate courses in two different domains of their choice. Opting for different domains will also depend on the prior academic performance of the candidate and of course their interest areas. 
Let us understand how can one pursue a dual degree program with examples:

  • UG Dual Degree Programs (Online or distance and regular) include courses such as BCom & BBA, BSc & BBA, BA & BCom, etc.
  • PG Dual Degree Programs (Online or distance and regular) include a combination of MBA & MSc, MCA & MBA, MBA & MCom, etc.


Specialization in Online MBA Dual Specialization

Data Science and AnalyticsEntrepreneurship and Leadership
Logistics And Supply ChainMarketing And HR Management
Marketing And FinanceHRM and Finance
Digital Marketing E-CommerceOil and Gas Management 
Hospital Administration & HealthcareBusiness Intelligence And Analytics
System And Operations ManagementBusiness Intelligence & AI
AI and Machine LearningIT and FinTech
Marketing and SalesProduction and Operation
Finance and Accounting Finance And Leadership Management


Pursuing a dual degree program offers numerous benefits that can greatly enhance the educational, expert, and private improvement of individuals belonging to different domains. The initiative of the University Grants Commission of combining two different domains offers applicants a variety of skills, and a broader perspective is more appealing to employers, and makes them able to explore more jobs in their respective domains. This dual degree program generates several career prospects for professional networking, in-intensity research, and required skills, allowing individuals to face and solve the complexities of their chosen career option that enable them speedy career advancement, with high paying scale along with leadership and managing expertise of both the industries around the globe.

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Frequently Asked Queries

A1. Dual degree programs are an initiative of the University Grants Commission (UGC) that enables candidates to pursue two different degrees at the same time. However, candidates who are willing to attain dual degrees have to attain one through an online or distance mode of learning and the other through a regular mode of learning. They can opt for both undergraduate degrees or postgraduate at the same time. This will depend on their prior educational background and interests.

A2. As Dual degree programs are the initiative of the University Grants Commission (UGC), this makes the courses valid and authentic around the globe. Candidates who have attained dual degrees simultaneously are given preference as compared to those who have attained both degrees separately around the globe.

A3. candidates pursuing a dual degree program will have several benefits which include the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge and develop skills in both the sectors at same time in both domains. Candidates who have or are pursuing a dual degree program will have wider career opportunities, they will be given preference over others, and they will always enjoy a competitive edge in their chosen fields and will reach to top leadership positions with rapid growth in their careers.

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